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Michael Lombardi

No stranger to the deep, Michael Lombardi has lived the life aquatic as a working diver since age 16. While coupling a career in commercial diving, with an education in marine biology, and a passion for exploration, Michael applies a diverse and technical skill set to underwater problem solving. His recent focus is on improving human intervention to the lower limits of Mesophotic (middle-light) environments to depths approaching 500 feet/150 meters depth to facilitate scientific inquiry in this unexplored frontier and encourage us all to reconsider our limited footprint on the terrestrial world. This work includes a true convergence of techniques and technologies from the commercial, scientific, and exploration sectors including applications of closed-circuit rebreathers and development of low-cost underwater habitats. Michael spends long days underwater with his Deep Blue Depthmaster watch – a symbol of withstanding the immense ‘pressure’of these highly technical undersea pursuits. Michael holds the position of Diving Safety Officer for the American Museum of Natural History, Explorer-in-Residence for the Oceans Aquarium Research & Science Center, and can be found lurking about his home waters in Rhode Island, the ‘Ocean State’, just about every day while carrying out underwater construction projects.